They say “there’s no place like home” and the traditional Irish cottage is a place where the home itself provided a sense of community with the hearth owning pride of place at the centre of the cottage around which, people would gather to tell stories, dance and play music. Old Irish cottages are hugely popular for holiday rentals and have long been part of the charm of visiting Ireland.

We have recreated a unique concept of pairing a piece of Irish symbolism with timber craftsmanship and designed a range of log cabins with the same quaint layout, warmth and cosiness of the traditional Irish cottages that existed throughout our ancient population.

These affordable log homes can be made movable or fixed to a base for renting, Glamping, Holiday parks, Garden Summer house’s or to provide accommodation for individuals or families seeking a new home.

Choose one of our designs or create your own and we will make it for you.

You can own your own Traditional Irish “Log” Cottage at the fraction of the cost of building or buying one.

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