Why would you choose Éire Log Cabins over everyone else ?

If you’re from Ireland and thinking of living in a log cabin there are a few things you need to know

  1.  Where you buy your log cabin is a very important choice.
    There are a few log cabin suppliers in Ireland few understand Ireland’s uniquely damp and windy climate. Adapting log cabins to suit our climate is not something they invest in… What works well in dry and cold climates may not always work here. Be careful not to just pick the best price… Do your homework, ask lots of questions, and set your expectations high.
  2. How can Log Cabins be made more suitable for our climate…?
    Éire Log Cabins never stop investing in the most innovative ways to make our log homes most suitable for the Irish Climate to counteract known issues caused by our weather conditions… Many of our design principles are patented and cannot be replicated…
  3. Choosing a supplier?
    Many Lithuanian, Polish, and eastern European Countries operate here in Ireland… Timber sourced from these areas is not as suitable for the Irish Climate as trees have grown furthest north in Baltic FCS forests… When you speak with our team we can educate you on our timber sourcing policies and why we don’t compare to the competition in the log cabin industry.
  4. Be careful about whose advice you take and where you spend your money.
    We speak to people every day and unfortunately, we are aware of people who parted with deposits, never to get them back.. Its never nice to hear this but it would be wrong for us not to mention it… Be sure you know 100% who you’re dealing with… We pride ourselves in being Irish Craftsmen and are family men who are passionate about our trade… Trust is important to us and we stand over our work 100%. Don’t ever feel pushed into handing over a deposit.
    Go and see what you’re buying and be happy with who you buying from.
  5.  What you see is not always what you get!
    Images and designs can look great on paper. Quality and building ethics are something that is only visible after the job is done…
    Always check specifications and educate yourself on things such as log thickness, insulation, window types, roof finishes, UV ratings, etc… Again what works in Scandinavian Countries doesn’t always work for Ireland… Feel free to ask a member of our team for advice on these matters or any other questions you might have…
    After all, this is going to be your home and parting with your hard-earned money deserves some careful consideration…
    Please contact us privately for a free one to phone consultation to help design and plan your dream log home…

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